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Respondeat Superior
14 September 2007, 6:42 pm
Filed under: Food Safety

Via Fast Food News, the story of a McDonald’s employee who has been jailed under a food poisoning law for oversalting a hamburger.

The arrest report is available at The Smoking Gun. According to the arrest report, the employee’s decision to serve the burger was motivated by her recollection of the managers “getting mad about waste” at the restaurant.

Now, setting aside the fact that it might be ridiculous for ANY food service person to be put in jail for oversalting a meal, and without looking at the specific statute, I should think that any charges should be brought against the managers, rather than the employee. Wasting bad food at a restaurant is an investment: when you serve bad food you make it less likely that people will return, and more likely that they will get food poisoning and sue. When a manager imposes a reckless waste policy, she places at risk the reputation of the restaurant and the public health.


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