Law For Food: The law affects what you eat. What you buy to eat affects the law.

About the Author

Law For Food is written by an American law student who is personally and professionally interested in food.

Your humble author grew up on a small working farm in New England, on which his family raised, slaughtered, and sold free-range chickens and turkeys, sheep and lamb, and on one memorable occasion, two beef cattle, in addition to growing most of their own vegetables.

Prior to law school, Law For Food has worked as a prep cook, line cook, purchaser, salesperson, cheesemonger, and cured meat specialist at a number of restaurants and food stores, notably including Zingerman’s Deli and Neal’s Yard Dairy. However, the opinions expressed in this website, where they are not quoted from others, are his own.

The impact of blogging on one’s professional prospects remains unclear: certainly it is an uphill battle to find work right out of law school, and anecdotal evidence seems to make blogging a liability. Accordingly, Law For Food is an anonymous concern.

Law for Food may be reached by emailing:


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Mushroom Law?

You’re a law student who is interested in food, so maybe you have some experience with this. I am a mycologist. I collect and study mushrooms in the wild and have done so for several years. I was wondering what the law was selling wild mushrooms and who the regulatory authority is. Is it my state (RI)? The FDA?

Bruce Schaller

Comment by Bruce Schaller

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