Law For Food: The law affects what you eat. What you buy to eat affects the law.

About This Website

This weblog examines the intersection of food and regulation, with an emphasis in U.S. Food law. It is intended to improve awareness about food regulation, nutrition, food safety, industrial and traditional production, and import of food, with a mind to increasing the consumption of traditionally-produced foods in the United States, in accordance with something like, but not necessarily identical to, the diet principles outlined in Michael Pollan’s excellent article, Unhappy Meals.

Additionally, particular, but not exclusive, emphasis will be placed on two areas dear to my own heart: raw milk cheeses and artisinal salami and charcuterie.

The economic realities of getting nutrition from industrial v. artisinal food will also probably make its way in at some point.

I may also post the occasional recipe. Thanks for visiting!

— Law For Food
24 April, 2007


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First of all great blog. I want to subscribe and I’m writing because I can’t find a link to your RSS feed so I can add you to my blog reader.

Second, I have linked to you from the page below and just wanted you to know. We of course appreciate any and all links we get into US Recall News but a return isn’t absolutely necessary.

Comment by Everett

Hey Everett,

Thanks for the encouragement. You can link to this site at feed:// I’ll try to put up a link to that somewhere on the main page soon.

Comment by lawforfood

Thanks for your blog. I found it trying to research COOL and information on the 2007 Farm Bill. I appreciate your writing and where you are coming from in your approach.

Comment by H.A.Page

Hi there,
Thanks for writing this blog. I’m currently a law student also and recently have gotten very interested in food. Well, I’ve always been interested in the consumption aspect, as demonstrated by my ever widening waistline, but recently have become more concerned with where my food comes from and how it affects the world around me. I look forward to reading your entries, thanks!

Comment by Nan


Comment by bibomedia

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